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Open Air Gym Fitness Festival®

What is Open Air
Gym Fitness Festival ?

A unique sports event, that focuses on supporting the youth sports, sporting families with children, seniors, people with disabilities, as well as professional or unprofessional sportsmen from various sports sectors. This event is known for its improving standards, and it has become a significant sporting event in Slovakia. The organizers feel highly motivated to keep improving their services and to expand the possibilities of this event.

After the great success in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 at the 10th annual event, it has been granted the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and since 2018 we get off as First Slovak Fitness Festival.

The project, Open Air Gym Fitness Festival 2023, will be the 10th Annual Open Air Gym event, which were in the past held at the Thermal Baths of E. Tatárik, Nové Zámky, the 2018 event was held in Natiol Expo centre in Nitra and the 2019 was held in new sport area in Nové Zámky.

The purpose of the event is to give the public an opportunity to exercise all different types of sports, under the guidance of many excellent domestic and foreign trainers, lecturers and famous sportsmen from the given field. Moreover, qualified professionals will be holding lectures and seminars for public. Lets not forget about the children and seniors, either. Many trainings and lectures are being organised for them, too. Children are welcome to enjoy dynamic games, trainings, motoric and reflex development oriented games, trampolines, face painting etc. Many sellers of high quality food, sportswear, aids and food supplements for sport activities and regenaration, as well as massage services, kinesio taping, cryocompress, physiotherapy and many more, are also being presented at the events‘exhibition.


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Athletes &
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Hours of training
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Don´t sit at home and move with us!

The expectations and
purpose of this project

We are happy to see the increasing numbers of visitors of this event. We see whole families joining us, young people, who are eager to find out all the updates from the world of sports, healthy lifestyle, relaxation or regenaration. This is a weekend, where the families and friends spend some active time together, come to many adventures and get the opportunity to meet professional sportsmen from different fields. Moreover, this is a place, where everyone can try different types of excercises for their own, from crossfit or weightlifting, through energic zumba, functional trainings, martial sports, trampolines, poledance or meditation with yoga. The visitors get the opportunity to find out more about various kinds of sports and health related news.

Throughout the day, this event makes a major contribution to the general public's view on sports and health, all in a light and fun athmosphere.

What includes Open Air
Gym Fitness Festival?

  • A one-day International competition in functional fitness – Summer Challenge Throwdown 2023, date: 19.08.2023 summerchallenge.sk
  • A day, full of sports activities for the whole family, from its youngest to the oldest members, accompanied with many sports related programs. A sports weekend, that focuses on supporting the youth sports, sporting families with children, seniors, people with disabilities, as well as professional or unprofessional sportsmen of the Open Air Gym Fitness Festival®.

What you will find
at this event?

  • Zumba® fitness and many other dance exercises
  • Functional trainings, Cross-fit, Kettlebell trainings, TRX trainings, Weightlifting under the supervision of the BBC Dukla Division.
  • Jumping®, Deep work®, Pilates, Spinning, Kangoo Jumps
  • Yoga, Acro yoga
  • Educational seminars with the emphasis on healthy lifestyle
  • Fitness news and many more...


A wide choice of sports equipment, clothing, nutritional supplement and many culinary delights is a must this year, too. You may look forward to a food corner with a great deal of healthy food specialities or fruit refreshments.


All participants and visitors will be able to purchase raffle tickets throughout the day and win valuable prizes from our partners as they draw.

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So don´t sit at home and move your body with us

Our goal -
exercise for us all!

The main purpose of Open Air Gym Fitness Festival is to continue in our hard work to further develop sport activities to the general public, to support people in their practical methods, to help them lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as develop their sports abilities. We feel motivated to participate in projects or support and organise sports events.

We are giving you an opportunity to help your children spend their free time wisely and to keep the youth, adults or seniors physically and mentally active and healthy.


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